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Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Comparison the Impact of Different Visual Contexts on the Aiming Performance in Individual with Superior Eye-Hand in the Ipsi lateral and Contra lateral Group            0000-00-00
2    Normalizing of the body image rating scale: Comparison of the Body Image Status among Males and Females            0000-00-00
3    Effect of skill level on Kinematic characteristics of Top Spin Kicks in table tennise            0000-00-00
4    The effect of Video/Live modeling on kinematic and sway characters in children with autism            0000-00-00
5    The effect of neurofeedback training and somatic sensory interventions to balance the elderly over 50 to 70 years            0000-00-00
6    A comparison of modeling, imagery and combined method in the acquisition and retention of dart motor skill in boy students    M.Sc.    GHODOSI TABAR, MOHAMAD    2010-09-23
7    comparison of dimensions of Organizational Citizenship Behavior of Physical education personnel of Public and Non-public universities of Khorasan razavi Province    M.Sc.    nezakati alizadeh, kazem    2011-01-28
8    The effect of systematically increasing contextual interference on learning generalized motor program in Adults With Profound Mental Retardation.    M.Sc.    Sohrabi, Elahe    2011-03-03
9    Effects of frequency attention of focus feedback on acquisition and retention volleyball tennis serve    M.Sc.    gholizadeh, mohammad reza    2011-05-15
10    determine the factors effecting on development public exersise from view torbat_heidarih women.    M.Sc.    sheibany, maryam    2011-07-05
11    The relationship between anthropometric measures, strength and movement pattern with running performance in male children 8 -10 years    M.Sc.    fallahi, mohamad    2011-07-18
12    relationship between employees empowerment and organizational commitment in employess of Khorasan Razavi sport and youth administration    M.Sc.    safari, mitra    2011-08-16
13    Effect of drawing motor pattern and mental practice on asquisition and retention a motor skill    M.Sc.    khorasani, zahra    2011-08-20
14    The relationship among self – efficacy and organizational commitment in personnel of Department of Sport and Youth of KhorasanRazavi.    M.Sc.    bozorgvari, saeedeh    2012-02-29
15    Comparsion of the effect of far and near external attentional focus instructions on balance in older adults    M.Sc.    ajam zibad, zohreh    2012-07-08
16    scrutinized seminarial and non-seminarial students    M.Sc.    ,    2012-07-31
17    The effect of frequency self-controlled feedback after the good and poor trials on the acqisition and learning in children    M.Sc.    zanganeh, leila    2012-09-23
18    Comparison of mental imagery program, Selected Aerobic Exercise and Combined method on addicts detoxification    M.Sc.    ENAYATI, HAMED    2013-01-27
19    The effect of neurofeedback practices on Parkinson’ balance    M.Sc.    Azarpeikan, Atefeh    2013-01-27
20    The effects of a somatosensory interventions training on balance in healthy elderly    M.Sc.    asadi ghaleh ni, monireh    2013-01-27
21    The effect of selected physical exercises on the rate of attention and Behavioral Disorder among 7-9 Year Old Children with Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder    M.Sc.    ansari aval, nafiseh    2013-01-27
22    Influence of selfcontrol knowledge of performance presentation of differences modeling on the acquisition and retention of the form of basketball set shot    M.Sc.    NIKRAVESH, ATEFEH    2013-01-27
23    The Realationship Between Intelligence,Working Memory And Reaction Time In Children 8-9 Years    M.Sc.    hosseini, maryam    2013-01-27
24    The effect of doal task balance training of balance and attention of older women with history of falling    M.Sc.    safarzadeh, toktam    2013-01-27
25    Relationship between mental skills ,emotional intelligence and competitive anxiety in female Taekwondo player in Iran.    M.Sc.    shirzad delavar, alie    2013-01-27
26    The Effects of Physical Exercise and Hypnosis on the Acquisition and Retention of the l Rear Take Down Skill in Wrestling    M.Sc.    sheyda khangheshlaghi, hooman    2013-01-27
27    : effectsof Bilateral practice order on the learning and transfer of kicking force and dribbling in gairls    M.Sc.    Soltan abadi, Zakihe    2013-01-27
28    The effect of one period of Traditional Games on Object Control Skills in ADHD student    M.Sc.    rabanipoor, gholamreza    2013-01-27
29    The Effect of Traditional Mental Imagery and Pettlep on Acquisition and Retention of Volleyball simpelService Skill    M.Sc.    ramzi, naeme    2013-02-08
30    the effect of explicit & implicit training on the performance and learning of recieving of tennis table service    M.Sc.    golestan, fateme    2013-03-10
31    the effect of neurofeedback on the attention and reaction time in primary and skilled atleths karate    M.Sc.    hajjar, elahe    2013-03-13
32    relationship between some environmental factors on perceptual motor abilities of girl students in mashhad city    M.Sc.    Motevali Habibi, Fahimeh    2013-03-13
33    relationship of fundamental movement skill with aerobic fitness and working momory    M.Sc.    alemzadeh, masoumeh    2013-03-13
34    the effect of spark training program on gross motor skill development of the 6-10 year old children with down syndrome    M.Sc.    yaldarmian, malihe    2013-04-22
35    effect of a jumprope program on the motor fitness of the fourth grade boys students    M.Sc.    sarafraz kakhki, mahdi    2013-04-22
36    the effect of feedback frequancy of theacher- directed and subject- directed in aquisition and retention of space memory in 10-11 years old girls    M.Sc.    estilaei, mahsa    2013-04-22
37    The Effect of Computer Games on, amount fundamental skill and information processing development in 9-11 Year Old Boys    M.Sc.    Goldouzian, Seyedhossein    2013-04-30
38    The Effect KP Tasyrfravany video feedback control on learning soccer skills in children 9 to 11 yearsOld Boys    M.Sc.    pourramezantitkanloo, ali    2013-04-30
39    The effect of neurofeedback on attention and error detection capabilities in professional shooters    M.Sc.    mohammadi, mina    2013-05-23
40    examine the effect of the competitive and non-competitive environment on learning the conceptual-motor assignment (long badminton service) in teenagers.    M.Sc.    Memarbahabadi, Narges    2013-07-06
41    the effect of variability in physical and mental practice on the accuracy of chips hitting football    M.Sc.    JABANI, ZHALEH    2013-07-06
42    effect of feedback on the performance and learning self control an skill of badminton with emphasis on short service characteristics    M.Sc.    Sharafi ido, Hadi    2013-09-07
43    the effect of positive and negative mental imagery on performance and learning of volleyball service    M.Sc.    yosefzadeh jaafarabady, leila    2013-09-07
44    the effect of preferential focus of attention on achievement learning and transfer in basketball free throw    M.Sc.    mousavinik, mozhgan    2013-09-07
45    Effectiveness of Body-Psychotherapy on Neuropsychological Characteristics of Women with Depression Associated Rummination    M.Sc.    Ahmadi, Parisa    2014-01-20
46    the effect of mental practice on speed and accurancy of bimanual coordination task    M.Sc.    mir, ali    2014-01-29
47    the effect of visual/ movement imagery on performance and learning badmintonshort service    M.Sc.    badiee namaghi, seyede fatemeh    2014-01-29
48    The effect of variability at the execution redundancy level to learning basketbal free throw at different skill levels    M.Sc.    poureghbali, sogand    2014-01-30
49    The effect of attentional focus on running economy of novice and elite runners    M.Sc.    ravanbakhsh, rezvaneh    2014-02-19
50    The effect of self- control video feedback on the learning, retention and transfer of the basketball shoting skills in deaf and normal subjects    M.Sc.    Dehghanian, Azadeh    2014-02-19
51    The effect of Neurofeedback and Motor Imagery practices on Balance in Elderly    M.Sc.    moshref razavi moghadam, sima    2014-02-19
52    Comparison of different methods of self control feedback and normative self control feedback on acquisition, retention and transfer of a task launchers targeting 12 to 14 year old girls    M.Sc.    moones toosi, malihe    2014-05-03
53    The effect of contextual interference and self-control feedback on acquistion, retention and transfer of GMP    M.Sc.    ebadi, nooshfar    2014-05-07
54    The variability effect of pettlep mental imagery and physical practice on learning, retention and transfer of volleyball service skills    M.Sc.    Sarhaddi, Marziyeh    2014-05-19
55    effect of selective training with instructions focus of attention on balance and attention of multiple sclerosis patients    M.Sc.    shams, Atena    2014-05-19
56    Effects of balance training with a cognitive task on postural control in women with multiple sclerosis.    M.Sc.    enferadi, azam    2014-05-19
57    Comparison of two types of video modeling (Live and Video based) on performance and learning of a throwing skill in children with high function autism    M.Sc.    moradi farsani, nahid    2014-05-19
58    effect of target width ratio and distance on learning, retention and transfer of accurate indoor shot of female students    M.Sc.    hesari, seyedeh akhtar    2014-05-19
59    the effect of self_control observed model (expert-novice-combined) on the performance and learning of long serve in badminton    M.Sc.    mir, laleh    2014-05-19
60    The optimal timing of Retention and transfer stages in Juggling skill of adolescent :motor learning    M.Sc.    Nahid, Mohammadi Shandiz    2014-05-19
61    The comparison of confident resources in team and individual sports.    M.Sc.    ghane, mohsen    2014-06-05
62    Comparison effect of selected exercise program and earobic training on motor proficiency, executive function and serum brain-derived neurotrophic factor of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)    Ph.D    Memarmoghaddam, Mojgan    2014-08-12
63    The EEG pattern of motor learning: The effect of training and neurofeedback on pursuit tracking motor task learning and performance    Ph.D    Ghasemian moghadam, Mohammadreza    2014-09-11
64    The effect of imagery on dominnce hand force production control and angling of novice Goal ball players    M.Sc.    sadesi, sosan sadat    2014-10-01
65    The effect of selected physical and mental practice with different ratio on balance of elderly people    M.Sc.    razmgar, sina    2014-10-01
66    Latin:The effect of manipulativemovement activities oneye-hand coordination in 10-12 year-old children with Down syndrome    M.Sc.    sanchouli, afsane    2014-10-14
67    the effect of SPARK on improving perceptual-motor skills in children diagnosed as developmental coordination disorder (DCD)    M.Sc.    khalili, mohammad ali    2014-10-14
68    The effect of visual and motor practice on motor coordination and visual perception in children with motor and visual impairment: Correlation and interaction of perception and action    Ph.D    ghotbi, mohsen    2014-12-07
69    The Effect of Cognitive Dual Task Training and Executive Function Training on Cognitive Capacity, Balance and Gait in Elderly    Ph.D    azadian, elaheh    2014-12-09
70    The effect of mental imagery times on acquisition and learning of Volleyball's overarm service, volley and forearm pass of boys 10-12 years old    M.Sc.    alipoor, ebrahim    2014-12-28
71    Comparing the effect of two types of auditory and visual pre-cue on verbal and motor selective reaction time among adults with Down syndrome    Ph.D    momeni, maryam    2015-01-14
72    effect of Special motion exercises individual,group and cooperative on the motor performance, neuropsychological, cognitive and social skills of children with developmental coordination disorder    Ph.D    zarei, javad    2015-01-20
73    The Effect of Rhythmic Sensory Stimulations (Auditory and Visual) on Kinematic Parameters of Gait and Electromyography Pattern in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis    Ph.D    sharaki, mansoure    2015-02-02
74    Exploring the relative timing of GMP and muscle synergies in the especial skills    Ph.D    Nabavi Nik, Mahdi    2015-02-02
75    The effects of self- talk and Mental practice on balance in elderly    M.Sc.    hosseinzadeh asl, fatemeh    2015-03-16
76    The effect of external attention types on the decision making of Inexperienced handball player girls    M.Sc.    Nezhadhosein, Rezvaneh    2015-03-16
77    The effect of variability of practice on learning air gun shooting accuracy with emphasis on index of difficulty    M.Sc.    rahmani, elham    2015-03-16
78    the effect of modifying equipment on learning on pass handball in conditions implicit    M.Sc.    jafar daghighi, jafar    2015-03-16
79    : The Effect of Different Types of Modelling and Cuing in Different Parts of Body on Acquisition and Retention of a Novel Skill    Ph.D    Hajatmand Ghalehroudkhani, Hossein    2015-04-13
80    The effect of neurofeedback training on fine motor skills performance in older adults    M.Sc.    ghasemi, maryam    2015-04-15
81    Effect patterning piece of video And bright spots on the acquisition and retention of a basketball free throw    M.Sc.    delbari, somayeh sadat    2015-04-15
82    comparing the control variables in physical performance, motor imagery and observational learning: similar or different representations    Ph.D    Fazeli, Davood    2015-05-06
83    The comparison of effect sequencing of external and internal focus of attention on the basketball free throw learning in mental retardation and normal children.    M.Sc.    ROOH AZAD, GHAZALEH    2015-05-31
84    The Effect deliberate practice and deliberate play on learning of motor skills with emphasis on sport specialization and diversification    Ph.D    fahimi, mahdi    2015-06-16
85    The effect of changing effector on the relative timing and coordination pattern of instep kicking in the elite futsal player in terms of speed and accuracy: emphasis on generalized motor program    Ph.D    hoseini, seyed mojtaba    2015-06-16
86    Effect of type of stimulus, pre-period and expected-unexpected stimulus on inhibition a fast movement pattern: the challenge on no point of return hypothesis    Ph.D    kheyrandish, ali    2015-06-17
87    The effect of task ratio between the distance and width on Composed of Specific memory in basketball free throw    Ph.D    talebi kahangi, rohollah    2015-06-17
88    The effect of visual and proprioception feedback on balance in multiple sclerosis patiens    M.Sc.    khosraviyan, mina    2015-06-28
89    The Effects of Moderate-Intensity Aerobic Activity Before and After Training on Acquisition and Consolidation Memory In Short Service Badminton    Ph.D    darzabi, teimour    2015-09-16
90    The effect of angle and speed of video modeling demonstration on Acquisition and kinematic parameters of Retention and accuracy of a throwing task.    Ph.D    Abdolzadeh, Hamideh    2015-09-16
91    The influence of feedback functions and error estimation on dart throw skill motor learning with emphasis on sandwich approach.    Ph.D    ghodusi tabar, mohamad    2015-09-27
92    Effect of contextual interference and feedback Frequency on learning of football shooting Accuracy: Determination the emergence of challenge point On the basis of Gentile’s Model    Ph.D    Rasekhi, Mahdi    2015-12-22
93    the effect of fatigue on speed and accuracy of decision making in skilled volleyball players    M.Sc.    bardooei, mojtaba    2016-01-13
94    The Cognitive Intervention effect(With emphasis on ego depletion)on motor and cognitive performance in elderly    M.Sc.    rastegar, seyed zeynab    2016-01-13
95    Effect of the Frenkel’s exercises on balance and gait speed in children with autism    M.Sc.    amirzadeh, elham    2016-01-13
96    The effect of Video and Biological modeling on the acquisition of motor skill, variation of visual attention and brain waves in children with autism spectrum disorder: Behavioral and Cognitive viewpoint    Ph.D    Sotoodeh, Mohammad Saber    2016-02-06
97    The effect of attentional instractions in selected resistance physical exercise in the water on stature fluctuations and EEG of Parkinson diseases    Ph.D    khodaei, fatemeh    2016-02-09
98    The Effects of Biofeedback, Neurofeedback and Concrete Training Intervention to Performance Accuracy in High Performance Shooter    Ph.D    Bagheli, Farzaneh    2016-02-17
99    effect of different types of training methods (errorless - errorfull – constant practice – variable practice) on the learning of accuracy of golf.    M.Sc.    skandari, maryam    2016-02-27
100    Title of Dissertation: The effect of brain hemispheres stimulation and how their specialization on the motor programming, accuracy and updating of a Perceptual-motor task    Ph.D    Teymuri, Mostafa    2016-04-05
101    compare of effect the instruction of external focus of attention in dynamic and static balance in children with normal vision , blind and low vision    M.Sc.    rahnama araghi, mandana    2016-04-19
102    The effect of focus of attention (internal & external) on learning and performance an angular task    M.Sc.    mohebbi tabar, mahboubeh    2016-04-19
103    The Effect of Exploratory motor exercise on eye-hand coordination and problem solving capabilities in girls (9-10 years old)    M.Sc.    Iranmanesh, Mahsa    2016-04-19
104    Examine the influence of observational practice with attention to gaze model on gaze behavior and performance in a basketball free throw    M.Sc.    arsalani bezdi, ghazaleh    2016-04-19
105    The Effect of Instructional self-talk, Performance goal setting and Mixed practices on acquisition and retention of the basketball free throw    M.Sc.    vahidian sadegh, arezoo    2016-04-19
106    The effect of selected perceptual motor program on selective attention and short-term memory of slow learners Children    M.Sc.    vaziriroshkhar, masoud    2016-04-19
107    The effect of errorfull and errorless practice methods on muscular activation patterns and generalized motor program and accuracy of overhand throwing for people with Down syndrome    Ph.D    vali noghondar, narges    2016-05-17
108    The relationship between socio-economic factors and home environment affordances by motor development of children age 18-42 months    M.Sc.    ali poor, soheyla    2016-05-17
109    The effect of physical practice and imagery (whole and part) on acquisition and retention of a gymnastics routine    M.Sc.    fallah, hssan    2016-05-17
110    A Comparison of Multisensory Integration and Discrimination Training the Effect on Balance and Sound-Induced Flash Illusion in Elderly with Poor Balance    M.Sc.    vosoughian, mahsa    2016-06-26
111    The effect of a multi-sensory training on balance and postural control strategies in elderly with diabetic peripheral neuropathy    Ph.D    asadi ghaleni, monireh    2016-09-14
112    The effect of a period of Motor activities with music and consumption of vitamin D on Nerve Growth Factor, Attention and motor proficiency in children with high-functioning autism    Ph.D    Moradi, Hadi    2016-12-11
113    The effects of the time of trans-cranial direct stimulation of the cerebellum and parietal on adaptive learning and memory consolidation in a coordinating two hand tracing movement    Ph.D    Azarpaikan, Atefeh    2017-01-24
114    The Effect of implicit and explicit practice schedules on performance and learning of generalized motor program and related time parameter: with emphasis on the reinvestment conscious theory    Ph.D    nazarikakvandi, saeed    2017-01-24
115    The effect of selected training program on motor proficiency, executive functions, social skills and academic achievement of children with learning disabilities: based on attention, balance and coordination learning approach (ABC learning)    Ph.D    Emami, Toktam    2017-02-15
116    The comparison of command teaching style with reciprocal teaching style on the performance and learning of Basketball shoot: The Determine the optimal point challenge based on Gentile’s Model    Ph.D    goharrokhi, soheyla    2017-03-13
117    The effect of selected visual-motor training on Motor proficiency of Children seven to eight years old    M.Sc.    ghaderi, seyed amir    2017-03-14
118    Comparison of the effect of 8 weeks training with agility ladder, ‎jump rope training and combined ‎on eye and foot coordination    M.Sc.    taji, elahe    2017-03-14
119    The Effect of Paaryaad Perceptual Motor Exercises on Executive Functions of Children with Learning Disorder    M.Sc.    Ghassemian Moghaddam, Hanieh    2017-03-14
120    The effect of visual-motor intervention on the social performance, stereotyped behaviors, Gross motor skills and visual functions of Children with autism spectrum disorder    Ph.D    arabi, manijheh    2017-07-08
121    The effect of visual filed on the performance and learning of the Table Tennis Forehand and visual search skill    Ph.D    heidari, mehdi    2017-07-09
122    The effects of sleep, type of instructions and motor sequence structure in retention and transfer of motor task: Motor memory consolidation in children    Ph.D    Iranmanesh, Hamideh    2017-07-09
123    The effect of visual training on the ‏‎ gaze behavior, postural sway and dynamic ‎balance in the elderly    Ph.D    ghalkhani, manochehr    2017-09-20
124    The effect of different viewing angle on learning and pattern of visual attention of Basketball free throw    M.Sc.    kermani, danial    2017-09-27
125    The Effect of attentional instructions on the performance and learning a continuous skill: The role of Reinvestment level    M.Sc.    eslami nasab, fateme    2017-09-27
126    The effect of selected training program on perceptual-motor and cognitive performance of preschool children    M.Sc.    alipour, fateme    2017-09-27
127    Effects of Physical and observational practice on timing transfer of a motor task with emphasis on procedure of movement performance    Ph.D    ghamari, amin    2017-10-07
128    Comparing various levels of difficulty in learning a task; with emphasis on machine learning methods    Ph.D    Esmaeeli Abdar, Mojtaba    2017-10-07
129    The effect of an exercise program on executive functions and brain-derived neurotrophic factor in adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)    Ph.D    sahebi havas, sedighe    2017-10-08
130    The effect of balance training on dynamic and istatic postural stability and behavioral problem of children with autism spectrum disorder: With emphsise stimulation training on vestibular system    Ph.D    velayati, vahideh    2017-10-08
131    the effect of video games and Spark program training on gross motor skills, coordination eye hand, and Autism-Spectrum Quotient in children with ASD    Ph.D    keihani, fatemeh    2017-12-12
132    The effect of Cerebellar transcranial direct current stimulation with balance training on postural control and fall risk in Multiple Sclerosis    M.Sc.    teymuri, elahe    2018-02-12
133    Investigate of mechanisms of contextual interference effect based on performance algorithm and task parameter similarity on performance and learning of sequential motor task in older adults    Ph.D    Beik, Meysam    2018-06-12